Fostering Faculty & Student Relationships

What is it? We originally wanted to create a fund where students can apply for funds to show appreciation or host events for one another.
Fund: $4,000-$3,000
Status: Technically complete. The platform point was to create a fund and we did create a fund.
Tier 2 goals: Work with faculty and senate to create a “Teacher appreciation day” and a ”student appreciation day”
Cabinet member supporting: Michael Santos (
BSU faculty Supporting: Creating Survey monkey for University Senate- brainstorm, find point of contacts, etc

Assisting/Expanding Academic Resources On Campus

What is it? We are currently mobilizing a discussion about study tables in the library for commuter students. We are also working on expanding the BeConnected App, and assisting the school in the possible transition between Blackboard vs Campus.
Faculty Contact: We have worked with faculty to create an IT Team to directly work with -Vice President of IT Lauren Maul directly. This team meets once a month.
Faculty Contact: Assisting iLearn team in working with Canvas and Blackboard transition/ feedback. Angela Nickoli (
Exec board contact: Greg Carbo ( and Lafayette Jordan (

Innovating Technology On Campus

What is it? We had three sub points in this platform point: 1- Reallocate the printers to different floors of the library, 2- bring alpha testing charging stations to campus, and 3 extend the blue loop bus.

Status: Complete
SGA point of contacts: Michael Brandon ( , Greg Carbo ( , Kaia Thompson (
Faculty point of contacts: Sue Weller ( , Suzanne Rice (
Blue Loop: November 1st-May 1st (Need More Student Bus Drivers)
Chargers and Printers: Every floor of Bracken and expanded on campus
Tier 2 goals: Send Survey monkey out to student body to see if they want more chargers and where those would be.

Organizing UPD Cadet Initiative

What is this? Ball State SGA has taken the first step in making our campus safer. We have taken steps to organize the collaboration between multiple schools in Indiana for a Safety Summit in the Spring semester. 
Cabinet Point of Contact: Drake Spangler (
Outside Point of Contact: Chief of Police Jim Duckham (

Initiating a 5-year art plan

Summary: We will create a 5-year plan in which each year, more art initiatives will be created on campus. Every year will contain a different project, some involving art department majors in order to utilize their talents and allow them to grow professionally.  Beautification through the means of student artwork will foster a more positive environment for current and prospective students.

Points of Contact: Dr. Flatten, Greg Carbo, Katy Volikas

Establishing a central location  for Diversity

Summary: As a slate, we have realized that it is difficult for students to filter through the layers of Ball State’s Website when looking for resources for diversity and inclusion on campus. We would create a resource home page where students would be able to find quick access and links to diversity resources already present on campus. This is part of our initiative where we would continue to use what the school has already put time and money into, yet make it more accessible and easy to navigate for the student body.

Who have we spoken to? We have spoken to a BennyLink Ambassador in the Office of Student Life. Additionally we started the conversation with Melissa G  and Lauren Berger from the Office of Student Life. We have spoken to Bobby Stele, who is that the head of the Multicultural Center and Courtney Jarrett, who is the Associate Director of Disability Services. Both of these individuals are on the council for Diversity and Inclusion and they say that while new diversity resources have been recreated as a result of the Beneficence Dialogues, very few students have accessed them due to lack of awareness.

-Breaking Bias App (How to report Bias, what is “Bias” etc)

Cabinet Point of Contact: Mariann Fant ( , Kaia Thompson ( ,
Fund: $5,500
Tier 2 objectives: Have SGA work with organizations to pair together and help plan events (Senate Assistance)

Promoting Mental health (Counseling Center)

Summary: We have reached out to the Counseling Center and asked them specifically what they would want from SGA in order to improve the mental health of students. Based on this conversation we know that the Counseling Center focuses on prevention versus treatment. With that being said we want to provide them with the promotional marketing tools that they would need to help bring students to their workshops and direct them to their resources.

Who we talked to:

Timothy Hess who is the Interim Director of the Counseling Center.

Exec Board Contact: Lizzie Ford (
Cabinet member supporting: Kandice Grimme (

Providing incentives on multicultural org collaboration

Summary: We have reached out to these individuals who have states that the next step for continuing the celebration of diversity at Ball State University is by partnering multicultural organizations for programming and events and focusing on intersectionality. In order to accomplish this, we will connect multicultural organizations and allocate funds toward collaborative efforts toward that emphasize diversity, multiculturalism, and intersectionality.

Who we talked to: We have spoken to Bobby Stele, who is that the head of the Multicultural Center and Courtney Jarrett, who is the Associate Director of Disability Services.

Our plan: Council for Diversity and Inclusion created sub committee for this direct purpose

Cabinet Points of Contact: Mariann Fant ( , Lizzie Ford (
Faculty Point of contact: Ro-Anne Engle

Expand OER implementation on campus 

What is it? 

Open educational resources (OER) are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes.

Open Education “…is the simple and powerful idea that the world’s knowledge is a public good and that technology in general and the Web in particular provide an extraordinary opportunity for everyone to share, use, and reuse knowledge.”

Video Explanation

BSU Point of Contact: Every Tuesday from 5-6, SGA has created a task force of student representatives to work on the transition between backboard and canvas.

Cabinet Member supporting: Secretary of Academic Affairs: Sarah Pruitt (